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Measurements: 36dd-25-38

When you picture a trophy wife, we’re guessing the image that comes to mind looks something like Nikole. She has a delicate face, slight body, cute ass and great big fuckin’ milkers that are just busting out of her skin. Sometimes you wonder if a chick’s tits have been enhanced, but not these ones. Nikole must’ve asked for the biggest enhancement her sugar daddy could afford, and the results are fantastic. From the tattoos running up the side of her washboard stomach, to the way she sucks a dick, when it comes to looks and sex drive, the Maryland native is exactly the kind of woman a rich workaholic would let lounge beside his pool until duty called. She’s so eager to open wide and push mushroom tips to the back of her throat that, when boner meets mouth, she doesn’t just say ‘Aah’… she massages every inch of skin with her tongue as it slides in and out. It’s playfully cute how she crinkles her nose when she knows she’s going to get exactly what she wants. So whisper something dirty in her ear and watch her neck tilt, her eyes roll back in her head, and enjoy as she relishes the feeling of stud-meat on her creamy pussy. Then let her get back to her life of leisure, because she’s going to need to rest up before being summoned for another round. And with jugs like those, you can bet she’ll be called upon often.

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