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Sexy ebony Latina Ginger Bytes knows about all kinds of poles. If you're taking a walk along the beach in Miami, keep an eye out for this babe's big booty wiggling at you on the pier as she reels in her catch with her fishing pole. After the sun goes down, you can find Ginger clasping a different kind of pole on stage at all the hottest strip clubs in Florida. But this Cuban beauty has the most skill by far when it comes to smoking pole in her sexy porn scenes! Sweet as honey but with a spicy bite, Ginger has been making cocks across America stand at full mast ever since 2015, when this singer and mainstream model decided to try the world of fetish and porn on for size. From her big tits and massive ass to her badass attitude, Ginger prides herself on being "Unique, never ordinary." No wonder thousands of porn fans are so magnetically attracted to Ginger, the same way a compass is drawn to the North Pole!

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