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Milf Hunter

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Submission Date: 2007-05-07
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So the Hunter says he has got two hot ass babes at his place ready and willing for pretty much anything. As soon as I got there, the door was open but there was no one to be found. So I did some exploring that took me up the stairs and into the bedroom. Judging from all the clothing on the floor, I knew to check the bathroom. Of course the Hunter was in the tub covered in bubbles and babes. Kayla and Sienna and their huge boobs and mature asses were sure ready for today. Double blowjob action set it off, only to be followed by some hot nasty cock riding. When all the fun in the tub was done, it was time to head back to the bed. Lots of pussy licking and deep throat blowjobs to go around. I love how mature women have no hang ups when it comes to sex. They know what they want and how hard they want it. Good shit here. Enjoy.

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